Republican governors recommend measures to encourage energy development

Aug 28, 2012

The Republican Governors Association has released an “Energy Blueprint for America,” which outlines recommendations for a federal energy policy.

The document calls for developing new energy partnerships with Canada and Mexico, approving the Keystone XL oil Pipeline, reducing EPA regulations regarding oil and gas production, and making it easier to use public lands for energy development.

Gov. Matt Mead says those measures would help encourage energy production of all kinds.

“We hope that Washington D.C. – the administration – pays close attention to this,” Mead said. “This is the time, especially when the economy is suffering and people are losing jobs, to get people back to work. And we think a sound energy policy would go a long ways towards that goal.”

Mead says he wants to ensure that energy development doesn’t degrade the environment, but he thinks states – not the federal government – should handle most environmental regulations.