Riverton adopts drought plan

May 21, 2012

Concerns about possible water shortages have lead the Riverton City Council to adopt a drought plan and implement mild restrictions. Under the plan’s level green, there are no restrictions. The current yellow level asks residents to conserve water voluntarily. Voluntary water conservation measures include fixing leaks and avoiding watering lawns during the hottest parts of the day.
Riverton Administrator Steven Weaver says he hopes the voluntary limits will be enough to offset more dire constraints. “If we conserve now, it may be that we can push this further back, where we don’t have to have mandatory… or that it pushes back even further, where it’s later in August that we have mandatory, compared to earlier on.” Weaver says the more severe brown level would ban daytime watering and charge residents more for excess water use. At level black, irrigation and outside watering would not be allowed.
Weaver says a wet May or June could prevent any further water restriction this summer.