Robocall scam hits Wyoming

Mar 25, 2013

A rash of robocalls asking people for debit and credit card information has hit Wyoming.  According to Clyde Hutchings of the state Attorney General’s office, the scam starts when someone receives a phone call with a voice recording, telling the person that there’s a problem with their debit or credit card. The recording then asks for personal financial information, such as the card number and pin.  Clyde Hutchins of the Attorney General’s Office says that if you receive one of these calls, hang up the phone.  “Don’t give out your personal financial information over the telephone to someone you don’t know,” Hutchins says.  “I can’t vouch for all the banks, but I think consistently I’ve heard from banks that they don’t ask for that information over the telephone.”  The Attorney General’s Office is investigating this scam, but because the robo-calls give fake caller I.D. information, they have yet to discover its origin.