Seat belt use is playing a role in reduced traffic fatalities

Dec 30, 2013

Wyoming has seen 28 fewer traffic fatalities in the last year. Some of that is because of efforts to curb drinking and driving…but seat belt use is also on the rise.  Wyoming Seat belt Coalition Chairwoman Connie Jacobson says that over 80 percent of state drivers now wear their seatbelts…a percentage that’s been growing.

“I think the reason that our seat belt use has increased and has been a lot better over the state overall is through awareness and all of the campaigns that the Wyoming seatbelt coalition does.”

The highway patrol notes that the majority of those who die in traffic fatalities don’t wear their seat belts.  Jacobson says that needs to change.

“You know wearing your seat belt reduces your risk of you being thrown out of a car at impact and the best defense you have against drunk drivers is wearing your seat belt.”

Jacobson says her organization and anti-drunk driving groups are working together to make driving safer.