Senate bill would try to keep Life Resource Center open

Feb 13, 2013

The State Senate has approved a bill that will study ways to keep the Life Resource Center in Lander open.  The facility serves those with extreme disabilities. The House version of the bill looked at ways of phasing residents out of the facility with the option of closing it down.  Senator Cale Case of Lander says the Senate wants to take a different approach.

“It’s very evident that when we really look at the details, no one wants to close the life resource center,” says Case. “You might think that at first, but when you look into it you find that it’s not even possible.  So, why don’t we use it better?”

Case says that’s what the Senate wants to study. 

But House Health and Labor Chairman Elaine Harvey says she objects to the Senate approach, saying the state needs to consider phasing out the facility. The bill will be further debated in a conference committee.