Senate Debates Payments For Developing Communities

Mar 6, 2012

The issue of Industrial siting impact payments generated some discussion on the floor of the Wyoming Senate Tuesday.  The payments are intended to help communities deal with the impacts of development. 

Casper Republican Charles Scott expressed concern about the costs to the state of sending money to possibly mineral rich counties to pay for their impacts of development that will ultimately benefit that county.  Baggs Senator Larry Hicks says the impacts are real and notes that the towns of Hanna and Medicine Bow are bracing for impacts from a proposed coal to gas project.

“But the issue is real,” says Hicks. “How do you deal with 4-thousand workers, temporary workers that descend on your county or  communities and have no ability to house them, let alone deal with all the other emergency services you have to provide.”

Hicks says the bill may not be the perfect way to pay for such impacts, but he adds that something must be done.

The Senate will debate the measure for a final time on Wednesday.