Sheridan College Gets Donation For New Ag Center

Jun 23, 2014

Sheridan College has received a $4 million dollar donation to help build a new agriculture center on campus.

Sheridan, Wyoming
Credit Jacdupree via Flickr Creative Commons

The donation, announced Friday, is from longtime benefactor Forrest Mars, Jr. of Big Horn. The new center will cost $8 million, and $2.7 million has already been allocated by the state.

College President Paul Young says the 15,000-sqaure foot building will bring a much-needed impact to the school’s agriculture programs.

“Ranching is now as much about science as it is anything else, so we need a soils lab, and agro-ecology lab, and also, something interesting that we’ve been contemplating for some time is a simulated commodities trading room with computerized feeds to the markets both nationally and globally,” Young said.

Young says the center will include classrooms, greenhouses, and a herbarium.

Young says he's confident the remaining $1.3 million can be raised by the end of the summer and construction can begin sometime in the spring.