Sheridan Poet Named 7th Poet Laureate Of Wyoming

Jul 10, 2015

7th Wyoming Poet Laureate, Rose Hill

Governor Mead announced the state’s new official poet Thursday.  He gave the honor of poet laureate to Rose Hill of Sheridan, a local business owner and long-time writer.

Mead said Hill was chosen for the position because her poetry was “beautiful and eloquent and something I couldn’t do.”  At a ceremony, he signed an executive order naming Hill and afterward, she read a sample of her work. Hill is Wyoming’s seventh poet laureate.

Mead said the position was originally meant to last four years but he prefers to have more poets experience the benefits of such a position.Hill is the third poet laureate appointed under Governor Mead.  

You can hear her poem, “Song of Wyoming,” read at the Governor's ceremony, below.