State senator wants Wyoming data to be stored locally

Apr 27, 2012

A State Senator wants Wyoming to look into why important state data is being stored in Data Centers outside the Cowboy State.   Republican John Schiffer says that while the state is heavily invested in recruiting and creating data centers, he wonders why important Wyoming data is not stored locally. 

He says two highly-regarded data centers are already located in the state.

“You know know they rate data centers they rate them 1 through 4 with 4 being the best," Schiffer said. "And we’ve got a couple of those centers rated 3 and that’s exactly what we need.  But we can’t seem to shift that paradigm that it’s gotta be done by somebody out of state.”

Schiffer says he has raised this issue with state officials, but has not made any progress.   He says if important data is stored in Wyoming, those facilities would be less susceptible to such things as terrorist attacks.