Teton County passes hold on new cell phone tower applications

Sep 17, 2013

Teton County Commissioners have passed a hold on applications for new cell phone towers in the county.

Commission chair Paul Vogelheim says the hold is meant to provide time for the county to update their land use regulations in what he described as “a balancing act”.

Vogelheim says that the county will look into several creative solutions to help meet the county’s service needs while leaving scenic views and landscapes undisturbed.

“There’s three that jump out for me,” said Vogelheim, “location, and then also height, there’s always the struggle that the higher the tower, the greater the coverage. The other one: there’s different ways to make the tower somewhat stealth, where the cell towers simulate trees, and so they go pretty unnoticed.”

The 110 day hold begins retroactively on September 3rd and ends December 17th.