Two More Republicans Are Running For Secretary of State

Apr 1, 2014

Two former legislators have announced that they will seek the Republican nomination to become Wyoming's Secretary of State.  Incumbent Max Maxfield is not seeking re-election. 

Former House Corporations Committee Chairman Pete Illoway  says he actually considered running for the office several years ago.  His committee worked closely with the Secretary of State to modernize the post.  Illoway wants to continue making it business friendly.

“The business friendly legislation that we did several years ago is working well, but I understand that there could be problems with foreign corporations that needs to be taken care of.”

Former Wyoming Speaker of the House Ed Buchanan also says wants to make the office more business friendly and improve consumer protections.

“You know protecting some of our more vulnerable citizens from consumer fraud.”

Buchanan also wants to modernize the office.  Both say that they are also looking forward to serving with other top elected officials on the State Loan and Investments Board.  They both want to make sure that the SLIB helps local communities.

Buchanan and Illoway are joining fellow Republicans Clark Stith  and Dan Zwonitzer who have already announced.