Unemployment in Wyoming counties dropped steadily in the last year

Aug 20, 2013

Unemployment rates have been steadily falling in each Wyoming county for the last year. The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services says this might indicate a modest improvement in Wyoming’s economy.

Carola Cowan works for the Bureau of Labor statistics in Casper. She says even though the unemployment rates for each county are not adjusted to account for seasonal jobs, unemployment has been dropping, and eight out of 13 business sectors have added jobs recently.

Cowan says the trend might reverse at the end of this summer.

“Tourism will scale back and as the weather gets worse, construction projects (are) going to probably wind down, so we’re probably going to see some increases in the counties.”

Still, Cowan says any increases in employment numbers are expected to be slight.

Wyoming has the fifth-lowest unemployment rate in the country. It shares its fifth-place ranking with Vermont and Utah.