U.S. Senate Candidates Debate Role of Government

Nov 1, 2012

In last night’s Congressional debates, candidates for U.S. Senate sparred over the role of government. Three people are running for the Senate seat: incumbent Republican Senator John Barrasso, Democrat Tim Chesnut, and Country Party nominee Joel Otto.

Otto said that government’s role should be limited. Barrasso also emphasized size.

“The role of government is to keep us as a nation safe, and free. And I think that right now government is spending too much, borrowing too much, and growing bigger every day.  And I know people in Wyoming as I travel the state, know what works. It’s low taxes, it’s reasonable regulations, and it’s living within our means.”

Democratic nominee Chesnut said at issue is also what’s controlling government.

“Part of what’s broken with government, not only are we spending too much and using the money in the wrong way, but we’ve got too many special interests that are running the government. So many…the pharmaceuticals, the oil and gas industry is spending so much money to buy and pay for the government.”

He accused Barrasso of accepting money from special interest groups for votes.

The candidates face off at the polls on November 6th.