UW Foundation: Y-Cross Ranch more valuable if liquidated

Jun 14, 2012

The University of Wyoming and Colorado State University want to sell jointly-owned ranch land in southeastern Wyoming to supplement agricultural endowments.

In 1997, the Courtenay C. and Lucy Patten Davis Foundation donated the 50-thousand-acre Y-Cross Ranch to the universities for hands-on agricultural education.

UW Foundation President Ben Blalock says the ranch has become more valuable over time, although the property is still being appraised.

“Though it is a valuable educational asset, having endowments of the size – multimillions of dollars – to support both agriculture programs at both universities, is just a special – almost once-in-a-lifetime – opportunity for both schools.”

Still, Blalock says there’s no hurry to sell.

“If we find that the value is not there for the ranch at this time, then we will not sell the property. I mean the asset is ours, and we own this ranch. And so, because of that, we’re going to sell when the time is right.”

Blalock says the value of the Y-Cross is still being appraised. Students can still participate in ag internships at the ranch, and Blalock adds there are no plans to discontinue educational opportunities there at this time.

The woman who gave the ranch to the two schools, Denver philanthropist Amy Davis, has expressed regret that she donated the property, saying the gift hasn’t seen enough use for hands-on agricultural education, as she intended.