UW Trustees debate tuition and fee hikes

Mar 22, 2012


The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees met today/Thursday to discuss a proposed tuition and fee increase that would begin this fall.   If passed, that option would bump up in-state tuition by 2% for the next two years. Non-residents could pay 4.5% more this fall. 

ASUW President Megan Degenfelder says most students she's spoken with support the increase because it will directly improve their educational experience with libraries and classroom technology, among other things. "We’re seeing a higher fee increase this year, so we’re really supporting a lower tuition increase, which I think is important.  Keeping it low, but remaining competitive," says Degenfelder.

However, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill is concerned about the hike.  She stressed to the board that they should continue to make education as nearly free as possible.