Work underway to plug gas leak near Douglas

Apr 27, 2012

The Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission says that workers from Chesapeake energy are making progress in trying to control a gas leak near Douglas.  Commission Supervisor Tom Doll says that efforts will continue through the weekend.

On Tuesday at the oil rig caused the well to release an unknown quantity of gas into the air,and some residents were evacuated.  Weather conditions hampered containment efforts, but one evacuee, Kristi Mogen,is frustrated that the company is not acting faster. And she’s upset that the wells were drilled so close to her house in the first place.

“The rigs are new,” Mogen said. “We’ve lived there. We can’t just sell our house because somebody’s moving a rig in. We can’t afford that.”

Mogen says she lives in Wyoming because she wants to have clean air, and she says she experienced throat and eye irritations as a result of the gas leak.

Officials say mud has been pumped into the leak, but some more gas may have to be discharged throughout the weekend.