Wyoming Democrat Supports Health Care Overhaul

Oct 5, 2012

The Democratic candidate for Wyoming’s lone U-S House seat says that the health care overhaul known as the Affordable Care Act is nothing more than a market solution for the nation’s health care problem. 

Chris Henrichsen says it didn’t change as much as Republicans claim.

Essentially what it did is expanded access.  So it didn’t change the program it just made it easier for people to get into it.  There was no real stomach for doing nothing and no real stomach for a single payer system.  So what we ended up doing is making some real modest changes that I think will have a big impact.”

Henrichsen still wonders how the A-C-A will play out in rural areas like Wyoming.  He adds that the issue of health care costs still must be addressed.   Henrichsen says without doing that, they will not be able to address some of the struggles people have with affording health care. 

Henrichsen says rising Medicare costs are also associated with the overall costs of health care and he says that still has to be addressed.  Republican Cynthia Lummis wants to gut the Health Care overhaul.