Wyoming exports up

Aug 19, 2013

Wyoming exported more goods to foreign markets in 2012 than in 2011.

Total revenue went from 1-point-2 billion dollars to 1-point-4 billion dollars. The largest market is Canada, followed by Australia and Brazil. Machinery and raw commodities like coal, and oil and gas are the top exports.

C-E-O of the Wyoming Business Council, Bob Jensen, says there are several factors that contributed to the growth.

"Usually what leads or export activity in Wyoming has been the soda ash industry, but in recent years we’ve had a number of manufacturers of equipment and supply chain items that have grown with international markets. And so I think that activity has picked up. And then also our coal exports have improved. "

Jensen says domestic exports of Wyoming goods have also increased, primarily driven by energy. He notes that the Governor has focused additional efforts on attracting foreign investment and developing international trade activities.

Jensen says so far it looks like 2013 will continue the pattern of growth.