Wyoming House considers allowing out-of-state health insurance companies to market within the state

Jan 17, 2013

Rep. Eric Barlow

In an effort to find ways to offer health insurance to citizens, the Wyoming House of Representatives is considering a bill that would allow insurance companies from outside of the state to offer policies to Wyoming residents. 

The House gave initial approval to the bill that will also allow in-state companies to match the price offered by the out of state insurance company.  Supporters see this as a way to provide consumers a more competitive marketplace for health insurance.  Some feared the measure could hurt Wyoming’s health insurance providers. 

But Health and Labor Committee member Eric Barlow says those in the business say that won’t occur.  He sees this as a tool to help consumers.

“It’s just a matter of choice folks we are not mandating anything in this,” Barlow says. “This is where folks get to compare and if they find a policy that meets their needs, then they can go forth.”

Barlow says the bill provides a number of consumer protections. 

It will be debated two more times.