Wyoming House Votes To Remove Some Gun Free Zones

Feb 1, 2017

People with concealed carry permits could soon be able have guns on college campuses, in certain schools, and in government meetings.  

The Wyoming House of Representatives overwhelming supported all three bills Wednesday. The only serious debate surrounded whether concealed carry should be allowed on the University of Wyoming campus. 

House Minority Leader Cathy Connolly is a UW professor. She says the bill takes away local control by forcing the University to accept guns. Connolly says a number of faculty are worried about the bill.

But Gillette Representative Scott Clem says they have nothing to fear.

“If any faculty member of the University is concerned about other students carry weapons, well this bill is great for you. So as long as you get your concealed carry permit, you can carry a gun. And you can feel a little more safe.”

Connolly prefers the campus police.

“Honestly my feelings are that I feel safe with post certified law enforcement.”

The other two bills will allow concealed carry at government meetings and in schools that get school board approval. The three bills head to the Senate for further debate.