Wyoming sees gains in child welfare

Jun 26, 2013

Wyoming saw improvement in a number of areas in the recent Kids Count Fact Book.  The report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation used 2011 numbers and they showed improvement in a number of at-risk areas for kids. 

However, Deanna Frey of the Wyoming Children’s Action Alliance also notes that while the state scored second in economic well being, the numbers of children in poverty increased.  Wyoming ranked 26th in education and 39th in health.   She says those numbers can be improved through early childhood education and other prevention measures.         

Because we know that when children don’t have good health care, when children are born with low birth weight from risky behaviors by parents, that they are going to be at-risk for life.”

Frey does note that state officials are looking closely at prevention measures and she’s hopeful that things could turn around.