Wyoming tourism has record year in 2012

Jan 31, 2013

A new report released by the State Tourism Office shows that tourism in Wyoming generated $128 million in tax revenues in 2012. That’s a 7.6% increase over taxes generated by tourism in 2011.

The number of visitors to the state also grew by 4% from 8.34 million in 2011 to 8.67 million in 2012.

Diane Shober, Director of the Wyoming Office of Tourism, says that this higher tax revenue might be coming from more focused marketing techniques and increased cooperation between state, local, and private tourism groups.

“All of these different components in this chain of tourism marketing are working in sync and together,” Shober says, “and when you can do that you can achieve positive results.”

The previous record for money spent on travel in Wyoming was set in 2008 at $2.9 billion.  $3.1 billion was spent in 2012.