Wyomingites To Review Math Standards

Mar 14, 2017

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Wyoming Department of Education is looking for people to participate in the Math Standards Review Committee.

The math standards are short written descriptions that detail what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade level, and by the time they graduate.

Laurie Hernandez, the Wyoming Department of Education’s Supervisor of Standards, said anyone who is interested is encouraged to apply, as long as you can commit to meeting several times this upcoming summer. 

Typically the majority of the committee is made up of K-12 educators, along with a mix of parents, business members, and community members. 

"With our standards, we really want to make sure we are looking at all aspects of learning and so the student level and the parent level is definitely important. The business level is looking at what do they want those students to come out of high school to do," Hernandez explained. "Then obviously the educators have an interest in making sure that those students are prepared to move onto the next grade and beyond high school."

And to insure the standards meet Wyoming’s needs, she said it’s important to have a diverse committee. 

“Which means not only diverse roles . . . but also diversity across the state." Hernandez said they look at a map while they select the committee.  "We say ok do we have people from small districts and medium and large districts. Do we have all four corners of the state as well as the middle area? Do we have representation from the reservation area as well?”

She said in the past it's been hard to get students involved and they are encouraged to apply.

For those interested, but who feel they may not be qualified, Hernandez said there will be a training for all selected to serve on the committee.

Applications are due by April 11th.