Yellowjackets Take Stage With UW Jazz Ensemble

Feb 11, 2014

Grammy-award winning jazz group, the Yellowjackets, will perform with the University of Wyoming Jazz Ensemble Thursday night. The Yellowjackets will also conduct workshops with UW musicians.  UW Jazz Ensemble director Scott Turpen says the Yellowjackets’ visit is part of the music department’s Eminent Artist-in-Residence program.

“The list goes on and on for how many artists we’ve  had on campus working with our students, working with people in the community and doing some outstanding performances and really some great teaching. This artists-in-residence series has been a really great program for us.”

Turpen says the Jazz Ensemble will perform music written by the Yellowjackets on Thursday. The Yellow Jackets also perform at UW on Saturday. Both concerts are at the Buchanan Center for Performing arts at 7:30 pm.