Yellowstone – History of Brochures & Guides

Apr 29, 2016

The National Park Service celebrates one hundred years of illustrating to the world Yellowstone’s wonder.

1. Northern Pacific Railroad brochure back cover - "Yellowstone Park"; 1913, 1914, 1915

2. Cover of the Northern Pacific Railroad brochure "Through Wonderland"; Artist unknown; 1910, 1927

3. Northern Pacific Railroad Guide; No date

4. Cover of the Union Pacific Railroad brochure "Yellowstone National Park"; Artist unknown; 1921

5. Illustrated map of Yellowstone found in the Oregon Short Line brochure "Where Gush the Geysers"; Artist unknown; 1910

6. Lewis & Clark Exploration "Wonderland 1904" flier; No date

For more information and historical photos of Yellowstone, visit Yellowstone’s Photo Collection / History-related images.