Yellowstone overhauls visitor center near Mammoth Hot Springs

Sep 27, 2013

Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park
Credit Wesley Fryer / Flickr - Creative Commons

Yellowstone National Park has begun a series of renovations on the Albright Visitor Center and Museum at Mammoth Hot Springs, near the north entrance to the park.

The building’s upgrades will include a steel frame to protect the building from the area’s seismic activity and accessibility improvements for disabled park visitors. The finished facility will also include new museum exhibits, a book store and a back-country permit office.

Park spokeswoman Amy Bartlett says that visitors will still be able to access all necessary help during construction.

“All the visitor services that are offered in the old visitor center are currently in a temporary visitor center, so they’re able to get any of the help that they need.”

The visitor center and museum are projected to reopen to the public in June 2015. The project as a whole is expected to cost $4.9 million.