aml funds

The Wyoming Senate voted 16 to 14 to use 24 million dollars of Abandoned Mine Land money to both move highway 59 in Campbell County and to make it safer. In addition Campbell County will have to guarantee ten million dollars of the 34 million dollar cost. 

Senator Michael Von Flatern said diverting highway 59  will allow a coal company to mine the land where the roads sits now.    

Wyoming's Congressional delegation says the state could receive over $500 million in abandoned mine land payments thanks to a provision in the massive federal highway spending bill

Money to clean up old, abandoned coal mines comes from current mining operations. Companies pay a fee on each ton of coal they mine which goes into the abandoned mine land fund. About half of AML money comes from Wyoming mining operations but because of a cap, the state only get a fraction of that back.  

House officially strips Wyoming of AML money

Sep 17, 2012

Efforts by Wyoming Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis to restore federal money slated for Wyoming have failed.

The Republican led U-S House ignored the pleas of Lummis and approved an effort to take 700 million dollars in Abandoned Mine Land Money away from Wyoming over the next decade.   Lummis is furious with the move.

For the second straight day,the Wyoming House of Representatives has hotly debated how the state should spend its share of Abandoned Mine Land Funds.  The money is allocated for reclamation efforts, but the state may also use it for other projects.   Some were concerned that the bill would spend ten million dollars to upgrade the University of Wyoming Arena-Auditorium,and voted to instead spend the money on an upgrade of the UW College of Engineering.