J.J. Anselmi

A new memoir tells the story of youthful rebellion in Rock Springs. Writer J.J. Anselmi recalls growing up in the hardscrabble mining town on a steady diet of drugs, vandalism, heavy metal, and tattoos. But this story of teenage angst also explores Rock Springs’ history. As a teenager, J.J. Anselmi covered his body with tattoos of his favorite bands: Metallica, Pantera, Black Sabbath. They represented the anger he felt growing up. But a few years later, Anselmi began having his tattoos...

The Modern West #10: Writing In The West

Apr 19, 2016
Hannes Grobe

Western authors write about more than just cowboys. In this episode, we hear about writers exploring topics ranging from women’s issues to dying languages.

Karen Schutte grew up in Wyoming's Big Horn Basin. “Seed Of The Volga” is the second of a trilogy that records her family’s history of German immigration. In 2014, Karen’s work was awarded the PEN Award from the Rocky Mountain Fictions Writers.

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Nina McConigley is the author of Cowboys and East Indians, and a recent winner of the PEN Open Book award. She joined Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard to discuss the award and said the news of her win took a little time to reach her.

Heidi Ross

Bestselling novelist Ann Patchett will speak at the University of Wyoming Tuesday, April 22 . The free talk includes a Q & A, followed by a book signing. In addition to the talk, she will meet privately with UW students, including MFA candidates in the creative writing program. Patchett says the talk she gives depends on the audience. “Talks change every night. Giving a talk is bizarrely like standup. You really are playing off the energy of the audience and you really know when you're...

Laramie-based author Alyson Hagy just published a new novel called Boleto. It takes place in rural Wyoming and tells the story of a young man who seeks to make a name for himself by training a beautiful young horse. But Hagy says you dont have to be a horse lover to appreciate the book. As much as I love animals and I love them very much Im more interested in human character, Hagy said. And so I want this to be a novel where you dont have to know anything about horses or ranches or trailers...