7:54 am
Fri January 20, 2012

Public comment period extended on EPA Pavillion report

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it is extending the public comment period on the draft Pavillion ground water investigation to March 12. It's an attempt to allow all stakeholders and the public additional time to review the report and its related documents. On Tuesday, the EPA invited the public to nominate scientific experts to be peer reviewers of the draft report. Nominations will be accepted through February 17th. In December, Gov.

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5:38 pm
Mon January 9, 2012

Encana Asks EPA To Suspend Public Comment

Encana Oil and Gas says the Environmental Protection Agency is moving too fast with its draft analysis of ground water contamination in the town of Pavillion, and has asked the EPA to suspend the public comment period.

In a letter dated January 6th, Encana oil and gas asked the EPA to suspend the public comment period until the agency’s plans were better explained and additional critical data could be disseminated.

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7:54 am
Tue January 3, 2012

Still hope for Niobrara oil plan despite EPA report

A federal report possibly linking groundwater pollution to hydraulic fracturing in central Wyoming is not discouraging hopes for the Niobrara oil play in the southeast part of the state.

Many are questioning the scientific conclusions of the Environmental Protection Agency findings on the technique to extract oil and gas.

But both EPA and industry representatives say the specific concerns raised in the report are not applicable to southeast Wyoming. That is because the Niobrara formation is geologically much different than the Pavillion area.

10:31 am
Thu December 22, 2011

EPA ready to declare Pinedale area non-attainment for ozone

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
is moving ahead with a proposed regulatory designation that could
increase pressure on the gas industry to limit emissions that have
led to severe wintertime ozone pollution in western Wyoming.
     The EPA is doing so while it settles a nationwide lawsuit over
ozone filed by an environmental group, WildEarth Guardians.
     In 2009, Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal recommended that the EPA
enact what's known as "nonattainment status" for ozone in the

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6:58 pm
Wed December 21, 2011

New EPA Regs May Impact Wyoming Coal


The nation's coal- and oil-fired power plants, will be forced to reduce their emissions orshut down, under a federal regulation released by the Environmental Protection Agency today/Wednesday. 

The Powder River Basin Resource Council’s Shannon Anderson doubts any Wyoming plant will go out of operation, but she says several need to clean their emissions.

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6:42 pm
Tue December 20, 2011

Encana Responds To EPA

Canadian energy corporation Encana says “the EPA made critical mistakes and misjudgments” when it released a draft report linking water contamination in the town of Pavillion to hydraulic fracturing.

Earlier this month, the EPA released a draft report on their three year water contamination investigation… indicating that ground water in the aquifer contains compounds that are “likely associated with gas production practices, including hydraulic fracturing.”

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6:38 pm
Mon November 28, 2011

Sale of gas properties near Pavillion cancelled

In early November, a Texas-based company called Legacy Reserves LP announced that it would purchase oil and gas properties in Fremont County: primarily properties owned by Encana in the Pavillion area. Late last week, Legacy Reserves pulled out of the deal.

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4:55 pm
Thu November 10, 2011

EPA releases new Pavillion data

In 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency launched an investigation in the Pavillion area after residents complained of health problems and changes in the odor, taste and color of their well water. Last night, the EPA released new data from deep monitoring wells in the area. 

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8:36 am
Wed November 9, 2011

The EPA meets with Pavillion residents tonight

Residents of a central Wyoming community will be looking to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for
more answers Wednesday to their questions about pollution in their water wells.
The EPA has scheduled a public meeting at 6:30 p.m. to present
its latest data on groundwater pollution in the Pavillion area in
Fremont County. The meeting will take place at Wind River
Middle/High School in Pavillion.  Some residents blame gas drilling for polluting their water
wells with hydrocarbons although any such link has yet to be

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