Irina Zhorov

The Wyoming Department of Agriculture recently proposed new food safety rules. One of the most contentious adjustments has to do with raw milk – that’s milk that is not pasteurized. It’s already illegal to sell raw milk in the state, but if passed, the new rules would make it illegal to obtain it unless you own your own dairy cow. This has some milk drinkers very upset. Wyoming Public Radio’s Irina Zhorov reports.

Irina Zhorov: Frank Wallis hosts a herd of twelve milk cows on his ranch in Recluse, Wyoming.

Come February, needy Casper families with children will be able to collect one quart of milk per child each month from their local foodbank. Joshua’s Storehouse CEO Jay Martin says the group fed over six-thousand youngsters last year, and the new monthly addition of milk will mean important nutrition for these children.

“We have been looking over the last year at things that are really missing in the food bank business for us,” says Martin, “and one of the things we come up absolutely the shortest on is milk.”