Pete and Lynne Simpson

Buchanan Center For The Arts

Pete and Lynne Simpson have spent many years performing across Wyoming. This summer, they’re in Laramie for what they say is their own version of summer theater camp - the Snowy Range Summer Theater Festival.

The two are starring in the play “On Golden Pond,” which opens Tuesday, June 9th at the Buchanan Center For The Arts, and features an older couple dealing with family, generational divides, and the tribulations of growing older. Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard spoke with the Simpsons, who say they suggested doing the show to director Lee Hodgson years ago. 

We’re joined now by Pete and Lynne Simpson. They’re doing a production of the play “John Brown’s Body,” which they’ll perform across the state this month. Lynne Simpson tells Willow Belden the play is actually an epic poem, written by Stephen Vincent Benet about 50 years after the end of the Civil War.