Pinedale Ozone

5:40 pm
Fri March 15, 2013

DEQ ponders new rules to tackle Sublette County ozone

Credit Dustin Bleizeffer/WyoFile

The Department of Environmental Quality is considering new regulations for the energy industry in Sublette County, in order to address the ozone problem there.

Ozone is a component in smog and can lead to health problems. In Sublette County, it’s caused by emissions from the oil and gas industry.

DEQ’s air quality administrator, Steve Dietrich, says one area they want to focus on is older production equipment that predates the current emissions rules. 

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Industry News
6:43 pm
Thu March 14, 2013

DEQ unveils Ozone Strategy for the Upper Green River Basin

Credit Willow Belden

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has released a strategy that includes regulations and voluntary recommendations to address Ozone problems in the Upper Green River Basin in western Wyoming. 

The goal is to keep ozone from exceeding recommended levels.  D-E-Q Air Quality Administrator Steve Dietrich said that the idea is to try and address problems before they start, noting that much of the focus will be on precursor emissions, or emissions that can cause ozone to reach non-attainment. 

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5:56 pm
Wed September 5, 2012

Power lines could be a solution for Pinedale Ozone

An official with the Bureau of Land Management says one 24 mile long power line, and two additional lines stretching 15 miles in length will take a big step forward in resolving problems with Ozone in Sublette County. 

Ozone issues attributed to energy development has caused health concerns surrounding the Pinedale Anticline.  The B-L-M’s Bill Wadsworth says the power lines will allow energy companies to convert some of their facilities from internal combustion engines and generators to electric power and that should reduce pollution.

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