Grand Teton National Park says that because of the federal sequestration, it will be hiring fewer seasonal workers this summer and will be making cuts to emergency response teams.

The park was instructed to trim its budget by $700,000 for the next six months. Park Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott says the changes will be noticeable.

“We know there will be delays in responding to search and rescue, as well as medical emergencies and law enforcement,” Scott said.

She says they will also have fewer fire fighters.

Cody to plow east entrance to Yellowstone

Mar 15, 2013
David Koch

The effects of automatic spending cuts or sequestration are being felt in the Cowboy State. Because of the automatic spending cuts Yellowstone has been forced to cut 1.75 million dollars from their operating budget. That has caused Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk to delay plowing operations within the park, a move that has upset some gateway communities and caused others to find a solution. Cody officials have been working hard to find a way to open the East Gate on time despite the federal government. From Cody David Koch has more

With federal departments already feeling the heat since across-the-board budget cuts took effect March 1st, Wyoming US Senator Mike Enzi says the mandatory cuts—known as the sequester—don’t go far enough.

The sequester, or automatic budget reduction across almost all federal programs, was meant to be an incentive for congress to reach an agreement on how to scale back the nation’s deficit. But the parties could not come to an agreement on how to achieve this and so now, those such as Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk are looking at cutting back on operations.

Governor ponders sequestration help

Mar 7, 2013

Mayors from communities surrounding Yellowstone National Park are asking the state of Wyoming to help pay for snow removal to help Yellowstone open its roads on time. 

Yellowstone officials say the snow removal has been delayed due to the federal sequestration.  But Governor Matt Mead says he has reservations about using state dollars to pay for federal obligations.    

Cheyenne Regional Airport could lose its air tower as a result of the federal sequester. The Federal Aviation Administration is losing funding for 100 towers nationwide, each of which serve airports with a limited number of flights.

David Haring is director of aviation at the airport. He says the airport will continue to operate… but losing the air tower is a big deal, because it’s an important safety tool.