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Don Woods served as the Chief Engineer and Morning Host for KUWR (1984-2007) . When I arrived in October 1984, the drives were once a year. My first two years at WPR (84-86) I did not participate in the fund drive, for I was the Chief Engineer and only air staff and students took part. Lyle Mettler , was the second GM of the station's history, in charge when Beck and Gabriel were hired. I was the acting manager between Mettler and Schwartz, the longest five to six month of my life. For I...

Will Murphy

I miss my time at KUWR, working with Frank Imhoff, Don Woods, Charles Pelkey, Lee Christian, and Audrey Waldock. There was Pete Buchin the opera guy, and Tom Wilhelm with “Ranch Breakfast,” amazing even back then, Chris Heck and Dave Worley, also a few of my favorite KUWR-ers, and Marci, the Morning Edition host. One funny story: I had a holiday reception last December. My neighbor, a professor at the IU law school, came over and gave me a pink KUWR coffee mug as a present. “I used to listen...

Pat Wolfinbarger, Designer Of WPR's First Website

Mar 9, 2016
Pat Wolfinbarger

The First WPR Website As Wyoming Public Radio, i.e. Wyoming Public Media, celebrates its 50 th anniversary, it has been involved with the ever changing online world for more than a third of its existence. Public Radio, KUWR, first developed a website in 1997-98. It was created by Grafikat Design Company. It was a simple site, like many at the time, featuring links to programming information, weather and road condition, the University of Wyoming, and most importantly, membership pledge and...

Susan Simpson - Laramie WY

Feb 23, 2016
Susan Simpson

Ruth And Pete Arnold - Cheyenne WY

Feb 18, 2016

We wake up and go to bed listening to WPR. In the morning we can get local and national news, at night it is frequently BBC! We learn about what is happening in far away places like the reports from Ofeibea Quist-Arcton. Even though we live in Wyoming, WPR enables us to be up to date on world wide events! We love WPR! Ruth & Pete Arnold, Cheyenne

Jeff And Janie Edgens - Thomasville, GA

Feb 18, 2016
Jeff and Janie Edgens

We listen every morning from Thomasville, Ga using the WPR app. Thank you for all of the excellent programs. Soon to be Wyoming residents! Jeff and Janie Edgens

Jim Kearns

Scott And Diane Seville - Casper WY

Feb 24, 2015
Scott and Diane Seville

WE LOVE WYOMING PUBLIC RADIO A love note from Diane and Scott Seville, Casper WY. For over 30 years for us Wyoming Public Radio has been a central part of living in Wyoming. Morning Edition has been our close neighborhood friend joining us each morning for breakfast to stimulate conversation and share the news, the issues, and raise awareness on the state of the state, nation, and world. WPR was there in the mid-1980’s when we were starting our lives together as graduate students at UW. When...

Darcy B. Gardiner - Laramie WY

Feb 16, 2015
Darcy Gardiner

I love Wyoming Public Radio – and I couldn’t live without it. It’s on in my house 24/7 – and at my sheep barn. It not only insures that I have the most intelligent sheep in Laramie – it also keeps those nasty predators away! In a state with little access to balanced news and alternative programming, WPR is my window on the world – keeping me informed, not just about national or international events, but in-depth stories from the greatest minds across the globe. As well, my music collection is...

Shannon McCormick

Mindy Kraft - Pinedale WY

Feb 13, 2015
Wyoming Public Media

Peggy Rosentreter - Cheyenne WY

Feb 13, 2015

WPR is one of our strongest bastions of democracy. Those who can afford it, pay; those who can't or won't , don't; but all can listen free & all can benefit from this shared resource. The programming speaks to the multiplicity of interests in Wyoming. By listening we are tapping into a wide diversity of subjects & ideas. We are more than a conservative "red state" as reflected by the support Wyoming citizens give to NPR. We receive the hard news from excellent reporters who deliver...

Betsy Krahenbuhl - Cheyenne WY

Feb 11, 2015
Betsy & Dick Krahenbuhl

Shortly after I first moved to Cheyenne (from New York and Vermont) in 1978 I asked at the local news store if they carried the New York Times ; the clerk, admittedly young, asked: "Is that a newspaper?" I feared I had landed at the ends of the world! Soon after I discovered KUWR and I was saved! First Prairie Home Companion, Morning Edition and All Things Considered; then Morning Music with Don Woods, BBC News, Fresh Air, Wyoming news with Bob Beck and his crew, later Wait, Wait Don't Tell...

Shannon Smith

Linda Baker - Pinedale WY

Feb 10, 2015
Linda Baker

Katharine Conover

Deb Olson, Owner Of Laramie Travel

Feb 5, 2015
Deb Olson

Bruce Richardson, Lecturer In English For UW In Casper

Feb 5, 2015
Bruce Richardson

Bev Bell

Ann Noble - Cora WY

Feb 5, 2015
Ann Noble

Mary Ellbogen Garland - Laramie WY

Feb 5, 2015
Mary Garland

Diana Denison

Liz Rader - Houston TX

Feb 4, 2015
Liz Rader

My name is Liz Rader, I am a fifth generation Wyomingite from Cheyenne and I currently live in Houston Texas. I grew up listening to Wyoming Public Radio. Some of my fondest memories include WPR in the background. Long road trips all over Wyoming always include WPR. I know there are some places it is the ONLY station that comes through. My love for WPR followed me into college when I attended the University of Wyoming, and trust me, there was no better way to get through finals than with...

Sherry Stewart - Virginia

Feb 3, 2015
Sherry Stewart

I had the opportunity to live in Wyoming for some years, first in Mammoth Hot Springs, and later, in Jackson. While working in the mornings, I got hooked on listening to Morning Music, a wonderful and ecclectic mix of music you just don't hear on any other station. I continued to listen into the afternoon, to Writer's Almanac and BBC News. I found the information provided there to be top quality and not biased or tainted by commercial interests. To my sad dismay, I've since moved away from...

Jennifer Tennican, Independent Filmmaker From Jackson

Feb 2, 2015
Jennifer Tennican

Dick McGinity, University Of Wyoming President

Jan 28, 2015
University of Wyoming

Matt Mead, Governor Of Wyoming

Jan 26, 2015

Max Funk - Ten Sleep WY

Jan 26, 2015
Anna Rader

Lindi Kirkbride - Meriden WY

Jan 23, 2015
Anna Rader

Marguerite Herman - Cheyenne WY

Jan 23, 2015
Marguerite Herman