Wyoming Public Media Photo Contest

Dorina Kemper

Wyoming Through Listeners’ Eyes!

Congratulations to this year’s Wyoming Public Media Photo Contest winners! 

We were lucky to receive over a hundred beautiful entries from all over Wyoming, and it was difficult to choose the best. The winners were chosen by listeners who voted for their favorite in each category, Wyoming’s Nature, Wyoming's People, and Wyoming’s Eclipse. We have posted the top 4 in each category below, along with a short biography of each photographer.

For the many other beautiful photos, you are welcome to visit Wyoming Public Media’s 2017 Photo Contest site


Kathy Milks

Always make time to play in the grass

My name is Kathleen (Kathy) Milks.  I grew up in Upstate NY and have lived in Laramie since 1994.  I'm self employed as a massage therapist working in Laramie Spinal Care Center and also employed part time as the massage therapist for UW Athletics.  My love of photography started in elementary school and has only grown, in the last few years I started my own business Dynamic Endeavors Photography, taking full advantage of the natural beauty that is available in Wyoming, sharing as I see and experience it.  I spend a lot of my free time wandering in our amazing public lands with my pups and friends, there is always something new to see!  This photo is of a special little girl, Buttercup, at Prairie Monarch Bison Ranch here in Laramie.  She was abandoned by her mom and I have had the honor of helping by filling as one of her foster 'moms'!  It's been one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and I'm so grateful to Dylan and Cindy!  This was from a morning walk early in her life.

Wyoming through listeners’ eyes!

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