WPM's Public Advisory Council

Wyoming Public Media’s Public Advisory Council  is comprised of individuals who work with the General Manager to create more awareness for WPM in Wyoming and beyond. PAC membership requires a passion for public radio and all WPM services (radio, online, and other delivery systems), the willingness to listen to WPM as well as to other listeners who use WPM’s services, and to engage in discussion and activities that benefit the station.

Members come from all parts of Wyoming, and meet twice a year in-person or via conference call. They hear background and status briefings in programming, fundraising, and engineering areas.

Interest in Wyoming Public Media’s Public Advisory Council can be addressed to Christina Kuzmych, General Manager, Wyoming Public Media: ckuzmych@uwyo.edu

WPM's Public Advisory Council Members

Sherril Bailey - Rawlins, WY

Michael Chadey - Rock Springs, WY

Katharine Conover  - Jackson, WY

Dennis Cook - Laramie, WY

Chris Hartley - Jackson, WY

Robb Hicks  - Buffalo, WY

Pete Jorgensen - Jackson, WY

Shirley Kingston - Laramie, WY

Larry Knopp - Laramie, WY

Maggi Murdock - Laramie, WY

Bruce Richardson - Casper, WY

Mike Stone - Cheyenne,WY

Cynthia Swanson-Li - Casper, WY

Tim Sullivan - Laramie, WY

Bill Voigt - Casper, WY

Oliver Walter - Laramie, WY

Tony Wentland - Sheridan, WY

Curt Weston - Casper, WY