Wyoming Public Radio Internships

Credit Diana Denison

Public radio stations are recognized for nationally renowned programs like Morning Edition or This American Life, or for award-winning local programs like Open Spaces. They are known locally for community services like public service announcements, weather and emergency updates, and local news. There is one critical public radio service, though, that is not readily visible to the listener.  This service is training students through internships.

Wyoming Public Media has an Internship training program that involves students, many of them from the University of Wyoming. They come from a variety of disciplines, and work alongside our professional staff as assistants in the news department, fundraising, technology, and administration. The experience they gain helps launch their media careers, or gives them invaluable skills that translate into a variety of disciplines. For example, interns learn to write concisely, meet deadlines, use audio and basic video equipment, produce content to national standards. They learn proper techniques of research and analysis, and they interview artists and experts in a variety of fields. For those working in news, the ability to think critically and approach issues from multiple perspectives is a skill that transfers to all aspects of work and life.

WPM is proud to offer internships, and help students acquire new skills. Now and then we discover a budding “public radio junkie” who learns the business, and decides to follow us into the public radio world. We’re delighted to help these individuals find a passion and career in public broadcasting.

Credit Christina Kuzmych - Wyoming Public Media General Manager

Wyoming Public Media available internships - 2017

View University of Wyoming internship guidelines.
Meet Wyoming Public Media's interns on the WPM Intern Page and Volunteer Page.

Wyoming Public Media follows federal guidelines for interns and volunteers.
(See Fact Sheet # 71: Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act and
Fact Sheet 
Fact Sheet #14A: Non-Profit Organizations and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA))

Here's an inside look into Wyoming Public Radio's student staff.

Wyoming Public Radio Interns’ Semester-End Projects

Melaina Nielson’s 2016-2017 Internship

Credit Melaina Nielson

         There was a coffee shop in downtown Green River, Wyoming called the Book and Bean. With good books, good coffee, and good people, I spent my evenings after school there enjoying a spiced chai and gut-busting conversation with my closest friends. The owner, who I considered an aunt, would tune the dial to Wyoming Public Radio after most customers left, and we would listen to riveting programming while she made espresso and did the books. I am certain the years, from 8th grade through high school spent in that coffee house was when I developed an enthusiasm for radio. After high school graduation, I told my mother I was going to move to Laramie and become the “new woman” on Jazz Wyoming. And, while six years after the statement and close to two years interning at Wyoming Public Radio, I am not on Jazz Wyoming… but, I am still here, honored.
            Working as a broadcast assistant and host for Wyoming Sounds under the direction of the master of radio programming himself, Grady Kirkpatrick, has been fabulous! The skills I have learned are vital in the field, and I have had fun the entire time. Conversing with music representatives from all around the country, listening to new music, and working the creative side of my brain is a thrill! I still have much to learn, but as I continue developing talents and trying to tone down the cheese on air, I know that radio is undoubtedly my dream métier.

Listen to where Melaina hosted as an intern here.

Melaina is now on Wyoming Public Media’s staff as a part-time host of Wyoming Sounds and broadcast assistant.

Jamie Hampton's Summer 2017 Internship

Credit Jamie Hampton

Having the opportunity to intern with Wyoming Public Media was an opportunity I will forever be grateful for. I have always had a deep interest in the world of journalism, and getting the chance to take a look at the radio side of things was amazing. I learned skills that helped build not only my resume, but aided in producing materials to help build my portfolio as well. I learned so much from Micah Schweizer and everyone at WPM that I will carry with me through my future.

View one of Jamie's semester projects here. 

Nicholas Hudson's Spring 2017 Internship  

Credit Nicholas Hudson

Working at Wyoming Public Media has been an amazing privilege through which I have been able to gain invaluable experience, meet a community of kind and passionate people, as well as discover plenty of great new music. I have learned how to navigate and utilize radio software, how to host continuous music in an interesting and professional way, and many more important and infinitely applicable skills and insights. I hope to continue my involvement with Wyoming Sounds in the future, and to further it to whatever extent I am able. 

View Nicholas' most recent instrumental electronic album here.

Brooklynn Gray's Spring 2017 Internship  

Credit Brooklynn Gray

Although I worked as a News Intern last semester, I still learned so much as a Podcast Producer volunteer/intern over this past spring semester. I was given the creative freedom to produce episodes, create the intro theme, and write promos for a new podcast set to launch in June 2017. The ability to see the process and work that goes into creating a podcast is invaluable, and I could not have asked for a better experience to conclude my undergraduate career with. Wyoming Public Media will always hold a special place in my heart, and I am extraordinarily grateful I was able to have this experience. 

Alanna Elder's Fall 2016 Internship

Credit Alanna Elder

I started an internship at the station last semester because I've been obsessed with radio since I started making my own breakfast. I wanted to know what it takes to put together a story, and bring the voices of people from all over the state into the corners of our daily lives. Since then, I have decided that this is something I want to do for as long as I can, and I'm grateful I had the chance to try it out.

View one of Alanna's semester projects here.

Alanna is now a part-time reporter at Wyoming Public Media.

Brooklynn Gray's Fall 2016 Internship 

Credit Brooklynn Gray

Working as a Wyoming Public Media news intern was one of the best opportunities I have ever had – not only as a journalism student, but also as a member of the Wyoming community. From scripting and voicing, to editing and producing, there was not a moment where I was not actively participating as a member of the station. This spring I have moved from News to Cultural Affairs as a volunteer producer, and have been consistently amazed by how much there is to learn, and how willing people are to teach. It has been an amazing privilege to work with so many amazing journalists and storytellers, and I cannot imagine a better way to spend my day.  

View one of Brooklynn's semester projects here.

Alayna Whipple's Fall 2017 & Spring 2017 Internship   

Credit Alayna Whipple

This year at WPM, I have spent most of my time helping the program director, Grady Kirkpatrick, with Wyoming Sounds. 

As one of Grady's music interns, I spend most of my time working with music, artists, and upcoming concerts. 

For the music portion of my job, I help filter through new bands and songs, and pick which tracks to add to Wyoming Sounds

This spring semester I am responsible for the 2017 Concert Calendar (Updated weekly). 

Part of the challenge when dealing with a huge music library is all of the work required to have an organized music selection. Some would say, at WPM that I am one of Grady's Music Librarians, and I couldn't be happier. 

Conor McCracken-Flesher Summer 2016 Internship

Credit Conor McCracken-Flesher

Working at Wyoming Public Media was a blast. I learned a lot—not just about producing, editing, and scripting audio content, but about Wyoming as well. Despite having lived in Wyoming my whole life, I never understood it better than during my time at WPM. Micah Schweizer was a fantastic mentor. He was never overbearing, but he was always ready to lend a hand and give tips. He helped develop my skills and understanding of radio, and made my time at WPM the highlight of my summer.  

View one of Conor's summer projects here.

Liam Niemeyer’s Summer 2016 Internship

WPR Intern Liam Niemeyer with Wyoming Public Radio News Team
Credit Wyoming Public Media

Wyoming Public Radio provided me the opportunity to be surrounded by radio storytelling and journalism experts, and that experience was invaluable. The journalists at WPR are dedicated to informing the public, while also making room to show other people like myself how they do it each day.

View one of Liam Niemeyer’s summer projects here.

Maggie Mullen's Spring 2016 Internship 

Credit Maggie Mullen

My time as an intern at Wyoming Public Radio has been one of the most valuable learning experiences of my life. The newsroom has taught me everything I know about radio news production with great patience and a remarkable depth of knowledge. It has been a privilege to learn from some of the very best reporters and I am thrilled to continue to learn and work in the WPR newsroom. 

View one of Maggie Mullen's semester project here.

Maggie Mullen is now a full-time reporter at Wyoming Public Media.

Raena Bush's Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 Internships

Credit Raena Bush

Being able to intern here at WPR has been invaluable. I've always been interested in the radio industry and being a part of this station only made me want to work in this business more. With the experience and skills I've gained these last two semesters, I've got a real foot in the door. The chance to produce real content and explore has been phenomenal!

View Raena Bush's Final Project here.

Sarah Teter's Spring 2016 Internship 

Sara Teter is a senior in Journalism and Global Studies at the University of Wyoming, originally from Connecticut. Sara completed an internship at Wyoming Public Radio in Cultural Affairs during the Spring semester of 2016.

View Sara Teter's Semester project here.

Meghan Kent's Summer 2015 Internship 

Credit Meghan Kent

It was a great summer with Wyoming Public Media- getting a glimpse behind the curtain was a valuable experience in itself, not to mention the opportunity to get involved in different aspects of broadcast. There were many skills I learned this summer that will not soon be forgotten. Thank you all!

View Meghan Kent's Semester Project here (contributed to Wyoming Minutes.)

Kaitlynne Heyer's Summer 2015 Internship

Credit Kaitlynne Heyer

I had a wonderful experience interning at Wyoming Public Media. I learned a lot and everyone at the station was very supportive. I was given a lot of creative opportunities and really enjoyed my work. The skills that I learned will be helpful to me when I enter the workforce. Thank you to everyone at Wyoming Public Media for this experience!

View Kaitlynne Heyer's Semester Project here (contributed to The Modern West podcast).

Kaitlyn Roadifer's Summer 2015 Internship

Credit Kaitlyn Roadifer

Kaitlyn Roadifer is currently an MBA candidate at the University of Wyoming and is looking to graduate in December 2015. Kaitlyn works at the University of Wyoming Research Products Center where she markets university technologies to interested companies. Her business and marketing background helped her during the 2015 WPM Summer Project coordinated through the MBA program where she and her project partner, Nathan Ridgway, distributed a Wyoming public survey and interviewed potential business donors.

Nathan Ridgway's Summer 2015 Internship

Credit Nathan Ridgway

Nathan Ridgway is a JD/MBA graduate student at the University of Wyoming, hoping to graduate in May 2017. Nathan and his MBA Summer Project partner, Kaitlyn Roadifer, worked together on distributing and analyzing a statewide listenership survey on behalf of Wyoming Public Media (WPM). The team also interviewed several businesses in Wyoming to gauge public perception of WPM and better understand current and potential underwriting opportunities.

Shannon Hopkins' Spring & Summer 2015 Women in Public Media Internship

Credit Shannon Hopkins

I had such a wonderful experience during my time at Wyoming Public Media. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn about different areas of the radio station, travel to statewide events, and being able to work with such a friendly and supportive group of people. Although I will miss working for WPM, I am grateful and will cherish the experience, and I look forward to using the skills and knowledge I have gained in my future endeavors.

View Shannon Hopkins' recordings: Testimonials from Bev Bell, Ann Noble, Deb Olson, and Bruce Richardson.   

Sam Sanders' Spring 2015 Internship

Sam Sanders at Wyoming Public Radio Meet & Greet with Skye Heeron & Tom Kuzma in Sheridan
Credit Wyoming Public Media

As a lifelong fan and supporter of public radio, it has been more than a privilege for me to intern at Wyoming Public Radio. Over the semester, I have learned many of the skills required by the radio industry. I can honestly say that I think I have found my niche. The public radio community is a supportive environment, united by hard work and perfectionism. I am proud to be a part of this comradery, and I am thrilled that Wyoming Public Radio will be welcoming me back next semester.comradery, and I am thrilled that Wyoming Public Radio will be welcoming me back next semester.

View Sam Sanders' final project here.

Ryan Oberhelman's Oberhelman's Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 Internship

Credit Ryan Oberhelman

I feel incredibly fortunate to be working as an intern at WPR. I’ve had many opportunities to produce content for Arts and Culture, contribute to the pledge drive efforts, and work on developing and piloting a new podcast. I can’t speak highly enough about the people I work alongside. There’s no shortage of mentorship and guidance, and the work culture is extremely friendly and welcoming. During my internship, my ambition and enthusiasm have been matched by the unwavering support of Micah and the rest of the staff. My experience at WPR has undoubtedly been the highlight of my time at UW. I will continue to work on the podcast over the summer, and I can’t wait to get back into the full swing of things this coming fall.

View Ryan's spring semester project here.

TJ Snook's Spring 2015 Internship

Credit TJ Snook

My internship at Wyoming Public Media was an informative and exciting experience that I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to take part in. Helping out around the music department equipped me with a new set of skills, but was also extremely rewarding to me on a personal level. Thanks to Grady and Micah and all the welcoming, helpful staff at WPR for allowing me this opportunity.

View TJ Snook's final project here.

Bianca Coca's Fall 2014 Internship

Credit Bianca Coca

It was a great experience interning at Wyoming Public Media. I learned a lot and was welcomed in with open arms. Everyone was very open to teaching me new things and very nice. I was given a lot of freedom to be as creative as I wanted, which was scary at times, but it allowed me to learn a lot about myself and my work. I hope I get the chance to come back and do it again.

View Bianca's final project here.


Cordelia Zars' Summer 2014 Internship

Credit Cordelia Zars

I interned for Wyoming Public Media during my time away from college, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  After wandering in off the streets, I was immediately welcomed into the WPR family, given responsibilities, and trained to produce and report.  WPR is an amazing environment.  With the amount of thinking, learning, and creating that takes place on a daily basis, you can’t help but be swept up in the inspiration yourself.  I learned more than I could have imagined. Thank you Wyoming Public Media!

View Cordelia's final project here.


Esther Seville's Summer 2014 Internship

Credit Esther Seville

I am so blessed to have been able to intern at Wyoming Public Media this summer. I was welcomed by everyone right away and felt at home every day that I was there. I learned so much during my experience about producing and editing. Their hands-on, hands off approach to teaching was a perfect way to learn. This internship inspired me so much and helped me realize what I want to do in the future. My time spent at Wyoming Public Media was simply amazing and I could never thank them enough.

View Esther's final project here.


Adrian Shirk's Spring 2014 Internship

Credit Adrian Shirk

Being an intern at Wyoming Public Radio didn't feel like an auxiliary position, but one wherein I was invited to participate in a whole new side of journalism, gain new skills, and apply them to significant projects. The directors I worked under were both hands-on and hands-off -- patiently teaching me how to edit, produce, voice, mix, and write scripts while also bravely setting me loose to do those things on my own. I never felt like anyone was scrutinizing over my shoulder, but rather that I was being trained into and trusted as a future producer. I learned more than I ever thought possible in just a semester.

View Adrian's final project here.


Jordan Giese's Spring 2014 Internship

Credit Jordan Giese

Through the internship I saw a wide variety of our state's citizens, and it reminded me of why I love Wyoming. The people here are unlike anything else, especially Senator Simpson

View Jordan's final project.

Jordan Giese is now a part-time reporter at Wyoming Public Media.


Sydney Dalis' Fall 2013 Internship

Credit Sydney Dalis

After learning the basics of recording and interviewing from Micah Schweizer and Grady Kirkpatrick, I was ready to venture out and conduct my own interview. I was given the opportunity to speak with musician Shakey Graves about his experiences in Wyoming, specifically Yellowstone Park. This aired during Morning Music with Grady Kirkpatrick.

View Sydney's final project.


Melodie Edwards' Summer 2013 Internship

Credit Melodie Edwards

Doing an internship at Wyoming Public Radio was the chance of a lifetime.  It was like getting a very specialized degree in radio journalism in a very short, very intense space of time.  It offered me the chance to learn to use specialized programs and equipment with impressively experienced journalists offering hands-on guidance all the way. By throwing us in the water with the sharks, I learned to interview with more confidence and write with a new level of succinctness and clarity.  I feel like I've gotten away with a very sneaky trick in snagging this internship, truth be known!

View Melodie's final project.

Melodie Edwards is now a reporter at Wyoming Public Media. 


Chelsea Biondolillo's Spring 2013 Internship

Credit Chelsea Biondolillo

Chelsea was hoping to learn more about interviewing sources and producing stories—and she got to do just that. During the Spring 2013 semester, Chelsea covered stories in a number of areas, did voice work, and learned much more about Wyoming issues. Chelsea most enjoys covering stories on natural resources and wilderness issues.

View Chelsea's final project.


Jordan Harper's Spring 2013 Internship

Credit Jordan Harper

According to Jordan Harper, "Working on this project was a wonderful experience and I consider myself lucky for having the opportunity."  Jordan edited and compiled a retrospective regarding Wyoming Public Media member testimonials for the Spring Pledge Drive. 

Listen to Jordan's final project


Rhanden Lind's Spring 2013 Internship

Credit Rhanden Lind

According to Rhanden Lind, "Working at Wyoming public media has been quite the experience. It's helped me refine my interviewing skills and my editing skills. They offered me a degree of freedom that could be a bit daunting at times, but most important to me is that they let me experiment with equipment and practice skills that I wouldn't have a chance to anywhere else on campus. I've gotten to develop new interests, and with any luck, will continue to pursue those interests professionally."  Rhanden received credit for course # COJO 3480-01.


Marie Smith's Spring 2013 Internship

Credit Marie Smith

According to Marie Smith, "Interviewing Luke Bell about his debut album and writing a music review about it was an amazing experience. I learned so much about audio editing and a new style of writing that I had not been exposed to. I also really enjoyed listening to Luke's album! I do not usually listen to that genre of music, but it blew me away. Overall, my internship has been an incredible learning experience, and has further fueled my love for public radio and writing." Marie received credit for course # COJO 3480-01.

View Marie's final project


Anna Rader’s Spring 2012 Internship

Credit Anna Rader

Anna Rader was an intern for Wyoming Public Media starting in May of 2011 until she graduated from the University of Wyoming in May of 2012. Anna’s last Wyoming Musician Profile as an intern before she graduated was a profile on the Jackson Hole band Screen Door Porch. Working on this profile was such an accomplishment. She had not only improved her radio voice but also editing audio and music. According to Anna, “Grady Kirkpatrick helped me with these profiles since day one, so to finally be at a point where I could create and edit a feature on my own, was an amazing feeling.”

View Anna’s final project

Anna is now the web master and a part-time content producer at Wyoming Public Media.


Credit Sara Hossaini

Sara Hossaini’s Spring 2012 Internship

In Sara’s second field reporting assignment, she had an opportunity to be a part of a single-issue episode of Open Spaces about a possible new coal-to-oil plant coming to the town. It was a frigid winter day and Sara rode up with Bob. He left for his interview and Sara hung out in the gas station, restaurant and senior center. Lots of fun!

View Sara’s final intern project

Sara worked as a part-time reporter at Wyoming Public Media and is now a reporter for KQUED in San Francisco.


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