November 2nd, 2012

Riverton House and Senate Debate Recap
On Thursday night, candidates for U-S House and Senate gathered in Riverton for a set of debates. They answered questions ranging from how to address the Medicare shortfall … to their views on climate change and the energy industry. Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck was one of the moderators … and he joins Willow Belden from Riverton to talk about the debate.

Defeated primary candidates launch write-in campaigns, cause discord in GOP
Wyoming votes overwhelmingly Republican. Republicans have held a majority in the state Senate continuously since 1936 and in the state house since 1964. But the upcoming general election has exposed a rift inside the party challenging its unity, especially where primary losers have mounted write in campaigns.  David Koch of the Big Horn Radio Network reports on one of three write-in campaigns for the state’s legislative body.

Wyoming one of the reddest states in the U.S.
Polls show that nearly 57 percent of Wyomingites identify as Republican, making the state one of the reddest in the nation. Wyoming Public Radio’s Willow Belden explores why that’s the case, and what it means to be so red.

UW Professor Phil Roberts on the WY Democratic Party’s Rise and Fall
University of Wyoming History Professor, Phil Roberts, says Wyoming’s Democratic Party lost many of its constituents when the state lost its large railroad and mining labor unions. But the Party also failed to make up for that loss by not painting itself as the party for the modern cowboy.   

Journalist reflects on AML cuts to Wyoming
Earlier this year Wyoming learned that its share of Abandoned Mine Land money was cut in a congressional conference committee.  Estimates are that it will cost Wyoming more than 700 million dollars and Governor Matt Mead says the cut hurts as the state will have to find new ways to pay for construction or other 1 time projects.  Wyoming author and WyoFile contributor Samuel Western recently wrote about the cut.  He talks with Bob Beck.

St. John’s CEO is optimistic about ACA benefits to women
The fate of the Affordable Care Act has been a sticking point for both presidential candidates. Mitt Romney has said he intends to repeal it, while President Obama has promised to protect the promises it makes to reform parts of the healthcare system. Dr. Louis Hochheiser, CEO of St. John’s Medical Center, has studied the ACA, and says the law is already breaking down barriers, especially for women.

Technology improves health care in rural hospitals
Figuring out cost effective ways to upgrade rural health care is the goal of all hospitals and medical providers in the state. But it’s especially tough for the smallest rural facilities.  The numbers of doctors are small which can lead to mistakes and specialists are at a premium.  But thanks to electronic records and other forms of telemedicine… things are starting to improve.  Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck reports

Simpson family to perform dramatic version of epic Civil War poem
We’re joined now by Pete and Lynne Simpson. They’re doing a production of the play “John Brown’s Body,” which they’ll perform across the state this month. Lynne Simpson tells Willow Belden the play is actually an epic poem, written by Stephen Vincent Benet about 50 years after the end of the Civil War.

Poem: “Old Carbon, Wyoming,” by Lori Howe
Writer Lori Howe readers her poem, “Old Carbon, Wyoming”.